Because God has come to our rescue...

We’re unwilling to ignore the plight of vulnerable children. 

We’re unwilling to turn a blind eye and deaf ear.

We will see. We will hear. We will act.

ABANDONED - Tonight, there’s a boy huddled in an alley behind a row of dirty ramshackle houses. He hears the dogs howling and watches as they chase a rat through a pile of trash and on into the bushes. He gathers some trash around him and pulls his knees up to his chest to keep warm and wonders where he can find a little food to fill his empty stomach.

NEGLECTED - A brother and sister stand on the threshold of this new, strange house, clutching one another’s hands. This will be their new home for the next few months…maybe longer. “What will our new Foster parents be like? Will they be kind? Will we be safe? Why can't we live with our parents? What did we do wrong?’’

ORPHANED - She lies in bed in the gathering darkness, thoughts echoing through her head. Ever since she can remember, she’s always wondered what it would be like to have a family. Someone to call "Mommy", someone to call "Daddy". Someone to call her own. “Someday” she whispers to herself, barely audible...



The Every Child Initiative exists to glorify God by envisioning, equipping and empowering disciples to have gospel impact in the lives of vulnerable children. 

Our desire is that everyone who calls Summit Church “home” will partner with us in this gospel-motivated initiative and act on behalf of the vulnerable children who live in our communities and around our world. Please take a few minutes and read through the various ways you can partner with us.